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In response to a few comments in our guestbook for http://www.ridgecrestca.com: Some of our readers really would like to see the police log posted on our website. During a telephone survey to a few thousand of our customers performed in December 06, many customers commented that they did not care for the police log at all. What do you think?


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32 Responses to “Police Logs”

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I don’t trust you won’t publish my email address. I mean,I drive past the Daily Independent parking lot and it’s full of cars. Right there says SOMEONE is signing their paychecks. But who and for what? I have some ideas on this. Men in black would take me away if I voiced them. As regards published,detailed police reports who would’nt want to read them? Don’t you want to know who’s warped in our area?

Hmmmm, someone gets paid to monitor your posts.

I have to wonder what is wrong with a local paper that is afraid to publish the truth about the town that we live in. It will definately lead me to not have any need to purchase the paper now or in the future.

Well, we all already know that Ridgecrest is not the safe quiet town it used to be. Why do we need a list published in the paper , which mostly consists of people (unidentified thank goodness) arrested for “outstanding warrants”. What a bore! And how does that list make our town look to out-of-towners who read our paper? I say, don’t publish the list.

And then there is the privacy issue, and court system issues, innocent until proven guilty and all that. I guess they would need to be worded very delicately, words like “allegedly”, “suspect” and so on. Still, those things could potentially ruin an innocent persons livelihood in a small town like this one.

I personally like to be able to see where the burglaries…etc are happening around town, especially when we don’t have a local television station that would broadcast these stories. So why is the paper any different. If I find out that a burglary has happened in my neighborhood…it just makes me be a little more aggresive in making sure my doors are locked and I double check things before retiring for the night. That is called being educated…not gossiping.

Sandra, I hadn’t thought about that, you make a really good point.

I personally would like to know what crimes are being commited here in town. Sure Ridgecrest isn’t the small safe, quiet little town it once was. How did you know that? Probably by reading it in the paper or hearing it from someone who heard it from someone who read about these crimes in the paper. Sure to someone an “outstanding warrant” arrest might seem a bore to some but then again why was the warrant issued in the first place? I like to know that, thats one less criminal on our streets. I have kids and I would like to know where the crimes are being commited so that I can keep them away from certain areas. I agree with sandra also about the burglaries regardless if its happening in my neighborhood or across town knowing they are taking place will only encourage us to think twice about our home and valuables.

What the local paper will or will not print is fast becoming a non issue.
To find what is wanted a frew clicks on a search engine should do .
Here is the link for RPD logs.

Moving from a city where legals, public records (including police blotter) and warrants is published in print and online (http://cdapress.com/) I admit I find it a bit strange to pick up the paper/ go online and not see that sort of stuff at least two or three times a week.

And while I agree with Gene, I can look it up in an online search, It’s nice to have either a link or article provided by my daily news (that’s not so daily LOL).

On a side note, if you’ve ever read those RPD logs, I wouldn’t include everything, that’s just so mundane. I would really only report the arrests and battery calls, buglary calls, and that sort of thing…

I feel you should post or print a police log. It would be helpful for me to know which neighborhoods have already been robbed so I don’t have to waste my time invading homes that have already been invaded.

Did anyone notice the police logs published in the paper yesterday? Good to see some of the individuals responsible for the school bomb threats have been apprehended. And I like the way it’s being done, not mentioning names (of adults). I thought about posting a blog about the bonb threats, but I don’t think the kids should get any more attention than they all ready are getting.

Not sure why this changed over the years, if it actually did, because the Police always provided the information, allowed under the law being concerned to follow the release of information due to balancing the public need to know and the rights of the community, protecting the victims. I believe this is the stated policy of the Ridgecrest Police Department and Chief Avery.

It may have changed due to the local media spin, but I don’ believe so. I know some of the newspaper personnel also and I am a little concerned about some of the things I read.

I still know must of the persons working for the City and they are all very concerned about providing good public service. So editorial or not as a watcher of the City, maybe a sit down and discussion is in order to clear the air. Maybe it just the story being spined!.

I spend just a few minutes looking over this website trying to catch up on the news. And I would like to see a section dedicated to crime related events. I can understand the need to keep privacy a priority as people, especially those with limited life experiences tend to go on witch hunts and draw silly conclusions.

Still it would be a welcome edition to the Newspaper both print and online.

How about a RidgeCrest Forums?

Great comment. Gatehouse Media, our corporation, is working on creating exactly that, a portal for our readers to communicate PLUS hopefully publish their own photos, videos etc. We’re heading in that direction asap.-Missy

Well if we dont want out of towners reading those negative things about the crimes that are happening, then why dont we just have a cute little spot in the paper that local readers can become familiar with… just write a list of street names where things happened so it wont take up much space, out of towners wont even notice it and the locals can still be aware of potential hot spots…{just street names}Bamn perfect

Wow. And the DI wonders why people call it the “Daily Insufficient”. There should be no question whether you post police logs either on your website, or in your “newspaper”. Yes. Always “Yes!”

Your job is to publish the truth [which alot of times, for you translates to biased “truth”.

Missy: As far as not mentioning names of criminal adults, that’s just wrong. Only minors should have their names blocked from public eye. Adults know what they’re doing and should be fair game.

Frank: we do publish the police log in the paper daily because the community has asked for it. I agree with you, that adults should understand and be prepared to accept the consequences for their actions. “Innocent until proven guilty” however… I didn’t make that up all by myself. Would it be the right thing to do in any community, to publish names of individuals as criminals who were found innocent later? It happens ALL THE TIME, charges get dropped, individuals are aquitted.

Furthermore, the laws that protect minors are outdated (do you know the Romans had the same basic laws protecting their minors in courts?). I agree that minors have limited life experience, and therefore sometimes poor judgement. Unfortunately, much like the rash of bomb threats to the schools recently, minors commmitting crimes recieve circus-like attention from the media with the added benefit of anonymity. Why do you think they copycat eachother? Because they know the rules regarding minors are a Joke. Anyone who has experienced some of the vandalism problems lately will agree with me on that.

It really doesn’t matter if the paper prints up the doings of our crooked police dept. Lives will still be ruined either by slander or worse, (financially).

Until each of you so called good citizens of our community are falsely accused of some trumped up charges and put through the inhumane treatment of being arrested by our city police or even worse, (the Kern County Sheriffs Dept.) You can’t even begin to know how wrong it is for the DI to print such hearsay and sometimes complete slanderous Bull sh–!!!
If they feel the need to print the daily happenings and such involving our law enforcement agencies, perhaps they ought to print the entire police logs on a daily basis so you people can see who the real criminals are. I am a small business owner and one of many victims of the RCPD. An innocent Victim in which it has cost me $10.000 of my hard earned honest dollars just to be released from that hell hole we call the (Kern Co Jail) in order to start the long journey toward proving myself innocent of the police accusations and falsified evidence provided by one of our very own trusted police This has not only hurt my pocket book and my business but has also shattered my pride and my dignity. The people of this community used to look at me with assuredness and respect, now after reading that I was arrested in my own home nonetheless, for whatever the crime-they tend to shy away from me and I sometimes hear them whispering about me. Believe me when I tell you that the newspaper has no business printing about the arrests made by our law enforcement agencies. However if they must print about the crime in our city, perhaps they could print the actual arrests that result in a confession by suspect or by a jail or prison term. But not the everyday arrests by the police. Trust me, you would not want this to happen to you. And yes I believe that there should be a retraction and an apology given to each and every person the DI has ever put into this nasty little column they call (THE POLICE LOGS)

THANK YOU WOODY! RCPD will pull you over for nothing and make up a reason later, after they don’t find whatever drugs or gun that they had a “hunch” that you had.

Sandra makes an excellent point in her assertion that a police log detailing the types of crimes in any area serves as a “Heads up” for people in that area but like you, Missy, I am from the old school of innocent until proven guilty and believe that peoples names on the log should be withheld. Unfortunately, our society seems to be of a “Where there is smoke, there is fire” mentality in many ways. If the police is called to John Doe’s address because of “domestic disturbance”, people will deside that John is a wife beater. If people want to see names in a log, maybe the DI should consider a “Court CONVICTION” log. (Just jking)

Actually, we’re going to be starting a new program, and though I don’t have the details just yet, it will be a Ridgecrest’s Most Wanted: we will publish names and photos of violent criminals who are on the lam. I like that idea more than the police log.

I do really like that idea, Missy. Uh….I ran out on a jaywalking ticket in 1969…I won’t show up on your list will I?

Heheh. Only if you were jaywalking violently!

Keep the police log — it is one of the reasons why I would buy The Daily Independent — as it gives readers a general idea about where and what type of crime is being reported.

All information garnered by the police reporter should, and usually does, come from public sources such as the Ridgecrest Police Department blotter. Any citizen can read the police blotter which is posted at the police department.

Finally, all suspects listed in the police log are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Any police reporter does remember to use words such as suspect, charges filed, etc. which imply innocence.

And yes, a court log should also be instituted to follow-up on suspects listed in the police log. The Daily Independent would need to assign a reporter to cover both beats.

Mary Ash
former police reporter

I think its a good idea to post the most wanted criminals in our area.

The logs are public information. If the newspapers “mission” is to inform the public, why withhold this information? In my opinion, the complete logs should be published.

I like to see the log in the paper. It gives me an idea about the problems we have in Ridgecrest.

I laugh at the “ridgecrests most wanted ” list. Supposedly these are violent people? I know of someone who had picked up a prescription for a narcotic as a favor for an elderly person he was living with. He got stopped by RPD for having it (he was on his way home from the pharmacy). He was not arrested. Apparently he did not show up for a court date he was unaware of so he got listed as one of the “most wanted” of Ridgecrest. Well, he got arrested all right and spent about 7 days in jail till it all got straightend out. He was able to prove what was known already but to make an innocent person spend even 1 day in jail is wrong. He sure was violent wasn’t he!

I fully understand Woddy’s post. Why do we not see things printed about the currupt RCP? My husband was recently pulled over leaving work for a ” supposed stolen vehicle”, pushed on the ground (brusing his face) and cuffed (dislocating his arm), when they finaly got the hint it was NOT stolen they then searched the car (without even asking or having probable cause). They wrote him a ticket for no insurence( which it WAS in the car) and for posesion ( but yet he does not do any drugs) Not to mention, nothing was there 2 days before when he cleaned out the car. When I called to make a complaint, they told me there was no record of the officer working that night! I hear things like this happen often here. Why are people not reading about it or steping up to them? Innocent people get hurt for no reason. In a small town such as this it is hard to pick yourself up after something like that. They have their jobs to protect us, not to harass or hurt us.

The police logs are full of errors. I have had to talk to the police and when it was entered in the logs it showed that the police came to my house to arrest a juvenile for a traffic violation. So if they messed up so big on mine I assume it is always full of errors, plus it is never put up at a uniform time or uniform format.

I was put on the police log by a boutique (Shanghai Boutique) that I used to work for. The owner, Tanya Harrington alleged that I threatened to “bad mouth” her business all over town. That is not true, I just wanted her to refer my phone number to the people who were trying to find me for business, as she promisedwhen I left, and did not do. I feel that whomever just posts random calls on the log should not do so, just violent and illegal items. I do business in this town, and have no recourse except to hire a laywer and sue her, which is an expensive proposition.
Thank you
Nancy Tipton

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