Ridgecrest Most Wanted

Posted on October 16, 2007. Filed under: california, Kern County, Laws, Police, Ridgecrest, Ridgecrest Most Wanted, The Daily Independent |



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9 Responses to “Ridgecrest Most Wanted”

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Excellent! Is this where it is going to be online from now on?

Yep, though next week it won’t show up on Tuesday, I’ll be out of town. I’ll still log on and publish the blog comments, I just won’t have access to DI servers.

This is great, color photos too. Good to see one has been arrested as well.

I know the photo-thingie says not to apprehend these miscreants on our own. It there a big reward for bringing them in? Is it okay if I sneak up behind them,bludgeon them,throw them over my saddle and cash in on that reward?

Where are the pictures of the criminals?
Is this just a way for the community to keep us
misguided and ignorant to the fact, on whats really the problem, or is it just that Ridgecrest is so
pure that there are no VIOLENT crimes, no
rapest, no murders? oh yea… how about those ones
who are registered sex offenders that are all
over this community? I don’t see any pics of
them…. We need to see th’ose faces
Are they excempt from the having their picture
taken, and if so, please explain if you can
the meaning of that. Maybe we should think
about and publish those kinds of articles.
Is somebody who makes a bad
choice and may need some help with substance
abuse a criminal? Or are the violent crimes
the ones that we should really be publishing
and placing photos of? Think about it??

thank GOD that there are no child molesters in
our town….oops, I forgot about t

to Mary: I agree with you. The problem is that persons registering as sex offenders are lumped together. A young guy just out of high school gets busted for sleeping with his 16 year old girlfriend and bango becomes a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. So you websearch registered sex offenders in Ridgecrest,etc and holy mackeral there’s a ton of them. It’s like
defining pornography. Hard to define but you know it when you see it. To stop sex crimes against women and children including against little boys we should concentrate on the core group who compulsively do these attacks. These are the incurable and unremorsefull repeat offenders. This does’nt requir rocket scientists to figure out. The average Jane or Joe can look at a guy’s rap sheet (arrest
record) and instinctively know within seconds what sort of threat,if any,he represents to the community.

Mary, you asked, “how about those ones
who are registered sex offenders that are all
over this community?” This page is MOST WANTED. The police does not have Wants or Warrants on people who have served their time or is out on parole/probation even if they are registered as sex offenders. The other Most Wanted post will show the pictures of …well, of the most wanted.

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

What is it you don’t agree with, Idetrorce?

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